Our Alumni

Arianna from Italy (15 years old)

How useful have you found the course at Hi-London?
Very useful. It helps me to communicate with others even outside of class. I had lunch with an 18-year-old English girl yesterday in my own time, and it really helped.

How important is it to focus on communication in class?
It is ideal because back home, English classes really focus on writing. I never get the chance to practise speaking English, and I think that this is what I am lacking.

Why is learning English important to you?
I really love this language and being able to speak it. For example, I only listen to music in English; so, it helps me to understand the lyrics. When I don't understand what they are saying, I look into the lyrics more closely so that I can figure out the words.

How long have you been learning English?
I started at 6 years old, but in primary school, it didn't really count. So, I only really started learning English at 11, in middle school. I wish I had taken it more seriously at 6.

What has been your favourite activity whilst at Hi-London?
I think the morning classes as I get to practise English and make friends. There is another girl from Italy in my class, and we always speak in English; so, that is good.


Eugenia from Russia (8 years old)

When did you start learning English?
When I was 3 years old!

What is your favourite thing about Hi-London?
I like Hi-London because I love studying. I really like the teachers here.

Have you made many friends?
Yes! I have made a very good friend with someone in the teen group.

What has been your favourite activity whilst here?
I like writing, and I love the games we play. My favourite is 'Duck, Duck, Goose'.

Why is learning English important to you?
I like English, it is fun. I love films and cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Frozen. Sometimes I watch them in Russian, but I prefer watching them in English and understanding them.

What has been your favourite venue visit in London?
I love the Tower of London. It is beautiful, and I like 

the actors dressed in clothes from the past.