English Language Courses for Teens 12-18

Using London as a Classroom


Around themes like "The Thames" and "London Stage", our teen English language courses allow the students to explore London and learn English in real-life situations. Tracing the route of a tea clipper or preparing for a Whodunnit dinner party, our teen students use all of London as their classroom.

A short classroom-based activity before each excursion focuses the teens on the English language skills they will need for that day's activities. They then go off with their teacher to take part in workshops or work with each other on interactive projects. These activities are supported by teaching material that we have either developed ourselves or have tested extensively with our students.

Placed in a relaxed, natural environment, these teens reach a new level of comfort with the English language. They learn English not only from the teachers and workshop/tour leaders but also from their peers as they travel on the Tube and have lunch in Hyde Park.

With Londoners as Teachers


London has always drawn people from around the world, and it is this diversity that makes the city so dynamic.  Therefore, it is no wonder that our teaching team is as diverse as it is.  Our teachers, teaching assistants and workshop leaders are from all corners of the English-speaking world, and quite a few are as well-travelled as our students.

An integral part of what makes the Hi-London experience so special is the sharing of stories and memories between the teaching team and the students.  To allow a high level of interaction with the teachers and workshop leaders, we maintain a 1:8 teacher/teaching assistant to student ratio.  

We also strive to adjust our lessons to the needs of each student group.  Assessments are collected before the start of each weekly session, and individual post-programme reports are done for those students who are with us for two weeks or more.

Building Friendships Across Borders


With as many as 6-8 mother tongues represented within one classroom at times, our teen students have the opportunity to make friends from around the world.  Nothing pleases us more than to hear of friendships begun at Hi-London and continued over time once back home through whatever social media vehicle happens to be "the thing" at the time. 

Optional Add-On for a Flexible Timetable


In addition to the excursion-based group English language classes, we offer Semi-Private (maximum of 4 students) Tuition as an optional add-on in the mornings. During the Semi-Private sessions, our teen students focus on grammar as well as reading and writing skills.

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New for Spring and Summer 2020: Teen Masterclasses

Designed to teach history and literature and not the English language, these classes are for students who have at least an intermediate level in English.  We will explore themes like Britain's role in World War I and II and how Shakespeare's work reflected what was happening in England at the time.

Contact us at info@hi-london.com for more information.