English Language Camp for Children 5-11

Fun and Interactive English Lessons


Our English language camp for children offers opportunities for the children to learn English in a natural, relaxed setting.  Themes such as "Scientific London" and "London Jungle" are the focus of each week's English language teaching, with excursions to places like the London Zoo or a children's theatre built into the programme. Scrubbing floors in a Victorian kitchen, flying kites in Hyde Park, and encountering the Mad Hatter are all fun and engaging ways to practise English.

Small Groups, Individual Attention


We strive to put our students in contact with native English-speaking teachers, teaching assistants and workshop leaders as much as possible.  To allow a high level of interaction, the children work in small groups with a 1: 8 teacher/teaching assistant to student ratio among the older children and a 1:4 ratio among the younger ones.  The groups are formed based on the children's ages and assessments which are collected before the start of each course. Individual post-programme reports are done for those students who are with us for two weeks or more.

Safe, Happy and Flexible Environment


Our teachers and staff members prioritise the safety and happiness of our students.  The team is experienced in moving children from place to place and in engaging with them whilst in transit. We use the time on the Tube or bus to speak and interact with the children, drawing out the shy ones from their shells.  

In addition to the group English courses, we offer various optional add-ons.  Lunch & Games take place in the cafes, parks and museums in South Kensington.  In our After School Club, the children can be found playing board games or in Hyde Park playing football, tennis or even golf when the fickle London weather allows.

Native English-Speaking Teachers


Our experienced, native English-speaking teachers encourage the children to 'have a go' at expressing their thoughts in English as much as possible. They give the young students the tools and the confidence to feel at ease in an English-speaking environment.  

We have seen time and time again that this approach to English language teaching is effective and motivating.  We have quite a few families coming back to us year after year, challenging us to keep our programmes fresh session after session! 

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